Music Licenses

All of my music is for you and your friends’  listening enjoyment.  I strongly support artists keeping control over their creations while, at the same time, allowing reasonable sharing of those creative endeavors at the artist’s discretion.

Some Rights Reserved:  I own the Copyrights(c) for my songs and performances; I also license most songs under Creative Commons(cc) sharing.  Most of it is inexpensive (or free) and once you download it you are usually allowed  to share and re-use this music within reason, though certain restrictions apply.  (For example, no commercial use without permission.)  Each song indicates which Creative Commons license applies.

For example, here is the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license:

Other Licensing:  Additionally, music licensing is available for use in film, video, games, radio, youtube, tv, and other media formats and presentations.  It’s totally cheap, fast, and easy.  CDBaby is my distributor.

Please contact me directly if you have questions or want to use my music in your project!

CC HeartI like to share.


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