“A great example of the dig-a-hole-and-see-if-you-hit-pay-dirt school of songwriting.”

Bring to us the formula.
Tell us things we’ll never know.
Bring us all the secrets.
All the things we’ll forget.
– from Not A Moment Too Soon


Trapper is an experienced and accomplished multi-instrumentalist who manages to consistently craft freshly layered songs that are both approachable and unpredictable. His music moves seamlessly across genres including elements of progressive rock, jazz, funk, fusion, and folk. And through it all, there is a thread of subtle ironic urgency that keeps the music alive and relevant.

Plan ahead but no remorse
Don’t expect to find some sort
Of secret sparkling answer
Buried just beyond your reach
– from When You’re Gone

Tuning fluid all through my brain,
Blue smoke in my head…
– from Never Hit The Ground

Trapper occasionally performs live, most recently with the North Cascade band Agnes On Fire.  

Feedback from fans & listeners:
“Intergalactic funk laced with cosmic consciousness.”
“Good thing music is a renewable resource.”
“If these songs didn’t already exist it would be necessary to invent them.”
“Confusion.  Enticement.  Despair.  Joy.  Repeat.”
“Hey – what kind of music is this anyway?”
“Glad you got this done before The Rapture.”
“Rarely do you hear a song about responsible wilderness management of human feces.”
“They say music can change the world; let’s hope that’s not the case…”

You thought there was going to be really interesting information here about all sorts of cool topics, right? Maybe someday. Yeah, ok, it will mostly be about me; I’m sure you’ll all be enthralled. In the meantime, just enjoy the music and consider yourself lucky this page is so short.

hoot! trapper

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